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1-) General Information about Program

Social work PhD program aims to educate students who are equipped in contributing especially o the areas of social work education and scientific research. In the light of this mission, PhD program includes a wide variety of elective courses together with compulsory ones.
Within the 4 years of education, theoretical courses are given in two years and the next two years are used for preparation of the PhD thesis.

2-) Provisions for Registration

To be eligible for the Doctorate Program of the Department of Social Work graduation from Bachelor's or Master's degree in Social Work or completion of the Scientific Preparation Program is required. Students who fail the Scientific Preparation Program cannot continue the Doctorate Program. Consequently, it is not possible to take the courses form the Scientific Preparation Program and the Doctorate Program simultaneously.

3-) Qualification Requirements and Regulations

1. The students who are accepted to the PhD program with Master's Degree must complete 29 domestic credits (11 compulsory-18 elective). A minimum of 240 ECTS course must be obtained.
2. The students who are accepted to the PhD program with Bachelor's degree must obtain 24 domestic credits (60 ECTS), 16 compulsory (44 ECTS) and 8 elective (16 ECTS) from master's program courses and 29 domestic credits (240 ECTS), 11 compulsory (180 ECTS) and 18 elective (60 ECTS) from PhD courses. A total of 53 domestic credits and minimum of 300 ECTS course must be obtained.
3. After completing theoretical courses, student should take SHO800 Doctoral Proficiency Exam Preparation course. Only after this course student can take the exam.
4. For other issues, Hacettepe University Postgraduate Education and Examination Regulation is taken as guideline.

4-) Goals and Objectives

The doctoral program is aimed at developing scholars who will make significant contributions to social work in Turkey through, for example, taking part in social work education, and contributing to the development of scientific developments in the field of social work. Within the framework of this goal, besides the basic courses in the doctoral program there are also elective course.

5-) Profile of the Programme

Students take 6 national credits (34 ECTS) of compulsory courses and 21 national credits (56 ECTS) of elective courses. They become eligible to take Preparation to Doctoral Proficiency after taking 27 national credits (90 ECTS) of courses.
In this case, the students are advised to take 1 compulsry and 2 elective courses in the first semester; 1 compulory and 2 elective courses in the second semester and 1 compulsory and 3 elective courses in the third semester.
The percentage of compulsory courses (minimum) 34 ECTS
The percentage of elective courses (minimum) 56 ECTS
SHO 799 Preparation to Doctoral Proficiency 30 ECTS
SHO 700 Special Topics 30*4 = 120 ECTS


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