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1-) General Information about Program

The Social Work covers activity of many different individuals and performed in many different areas. The main purpose of the social work helps individuals, families, groups and communities to coping with the problems and develops the capacity to improve social functioning. Social work professionals is served on bring together applicants with their surrounding systems and these systems to support the applicants for work to strengthen(reinforce). In other words, social work aims to help people in need of ethical and rational use of all tools.
The following are major concerns of the profession:

  • Facilitate the inclusion of marginalized, socially excluded, dispossessed, vulnerable and at-risk groups of people
  • Challenge barriers, inequalities and injustices that exist in society
  • Assist and mobilize individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their well-being and their problem-solving capacities.
  • Encourage to people in advocacy with regard to pertinent local, national, regional and/or international concerns.
  • Advocate for, and/or with people, the formulation and targeted implementation of policies that are consistent with the ethical principles of the profession

In order to enter Department of Social Work, require completion of secondary education in Turkey or to be trained an equivalent level in abroad and to be taken national university exam score is enough. At the beginning, all students enter a foreign language examination. When they success it, they start graduate education in social work. When they failed examination, they take one-year English preparatory classes. They will graduate after English Prep. Classes which are followed by four year undergraduate education attain the degree of Bachelor of Social Work and be Social Work Expert.

2-) Provisions for Registration

The students must have completed Turkish secondary education or the equivalent abroad. Students' placements are carried out according to the results of the national student placement examination (LYS) results and students' choice according to this score. The duration of education is 4 years and annual quota is 160 students. Due to the need for both male and female social workers in the field, equal numbers of male and female students are accepted into the bachelor's program. Education language is Turkish.

3-) Qualification Requirements and Regulations


1. must acquire 156 domestic and 240 ECTS credits in total (25% optional modules). Both conditions (domestic and ECTS credits) must be met.
2. must be successful in all compulsory courses. (126 domestic and 180 ECTS credits).
3. must acquire a minimum of 30 domestic and 60 ECTS credits from elective courses.
In view of the fact that students will need to have minimum 30 ECTS credits in one semester, should take:
a. 1 courses from 2. semester elective courses (2 domestic and 4 ECTS credits)
b. 2 courses from 4. semester elective courses (4 domestic and 8 ECTS credits)
c. 4 courses from 5. semester elective courses (8 domestic and 16 ECTS credits)
d. 4 courses from 6. semester elective courses (8 domestic and 16 ECTS credits)
e. 4 courses from 7. semester elective courses (8 domestic and 16 ECTS credits) which amounts to 15 elective courses.
4. may take as much credits as he/she needs to obtain from other departments elective courses.
5. must obtain 60 ECTS credits from compulsory and elective courses each year (two semesters).

4-) Goals and Objectives

The aim of the Department of Social Work is to give social work education in line with universal value; produce science and make it possible to share the scientific knowledge; be in cooperation with community; produce policies and support the produced; contribute to solution; social problems prevailing in society; illuminate the inequalities in society; prevent human rights; and provide human rights in society for everybody.

5-)Profile of the Programme

Compulsory courses (MIN.) % 75 (Including joint compulsory courses)
Elective courses (MIN) % 25
Compulsory courses (MIN.) 180 ECTS (Including joint compulsory courses)
Elective courses (MIN) 60 ECTS
Students have to take at least 30 ECTS for each semester and 60 ECTS credits at one year in total. Students at the Social Work Bachelor's Program are able to take elective courses starting from the second semester. Hacettepe University's pools of elective courses are composed of the courses which can be taken by any of our students. Students may take elective courses of maximum 12 ECTS from other departments. As a part of the bachelor's program, at the fourth grade (seventh and eighth semesters) there are compulsory application courses. All of our courses are for one semester except the Applied Research course which is a compulsory course for the third year students. Social service program has a 20% application weight. In the first two years of education, students take courses covering the knowledge of social sciences in general besides theoretical and applied knowledge of social work as a branch of social science and a profession. During the later years of the program, students carry out research and professional application activities besides having deeper theoretical knowledge of the field.


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