Working Areas

Working Areas & Agencies Worked in Turkey

Number of graduates up to date is about 4000 in 2011. They work in the social services and Ministry of Family and Social Policies , Provincial Directorate of Social Services, in the fields of health, criminal justice, special education, youth, social security, Social assistance, labor, higher education, etc. The following is the list of departments and agencies social workers are employed:

  • Ministry of Family and Social Policies 
  • Day care centers 0-12 age group 
  • Children's Homes 12-18 age group 
  • Training Institutes for Girls and Boys
  • Counseling Centers for Adolescents
  • Foster Family units 
  • Family Counseling Centers
  • Old People's Homes
  • Centers for Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled 
  • Spastic Children's Center
  • Community Centers
  • General Directorate of Social Assistance Foundation 
  • Ministry of Health 
  • University and Private Hospitals 
  • Branch and Specialization Hospitals (Oncology, Sanatoriums, Children, Maternity, Venereal Disease, Psychiatry) 
  • Child-maternity health and family planning centers 
  • Universities' Medico Social Centers 
  • Credit and Student Hostels Administration
  • Youth Centers
  • Ministry of Justice 
  • Prisons 
  • Reformatory Schools
  • Juvenile Courts 
  • Centers for Street Children 
  • H.U. Department of Social Work and other related departments of different Universities 
  • State Planning Organization
  • South Eastern Anatolia Project 
  • Family and Social Researches Institute of Prime Ministry
  • Administration for Disabled People of Prime Ministry
  • Directorate General on the Status of Woman of Prime Ministry
  • Labour Institution of Turkey
  • Social Security Institution 
  • Insurance Agency for Independent/Self Employed People
  • Foundations for Social Solidarity and Social Assistance
  • Public Relations units of different departments Public and Private Industries Local administration, (Municipalities) 
  • Various national and international NGO's

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